Mini Critiques

Want some storyboard feedback but you’re on a budget? You’re in the right place!

Are you a student with a film project in the works?

A mini critique is an easy way to get professional feedback on your story and your storyboards without breaking the bank. Let's face it, you don't want to waste valuable time animating (or shooting) a story that's not working, do you? No, you don't.

The mini critique will give you enough feedback on a project to see where you might be going wrong, without diving in too deep.

Are you trying to build a storyboard portfolio and want some direction?

This option is a great way to test portfolio material and get some guidance to help you land the job. You'll get some solid, general feedback on your storyboarding skills and techniques.

Find out if your shot choices are the right ones, if you're making any direction mistakes and how you can improve your acting and posing. This small investment will pay off big.

Are you wondering if your skills are strong enough to break into storyboarding?

Take the low risk route before you put your stuff 'out there'. Hear it from an impartial party that will give it to you straight. You'll get my opinion on whether or not you've 'got the goods' to do this professionally and offer you practical advice to improve.

This job isn't for everybody but if you're really interested, you have to take a chance and show someone what you can do. So let's see what you've got!

Ready to get started?

You can book a single mini critique or a pack of 3 if you want to revise your work as you go or show me more than one project. Please note each critique is LIMITED to 45 storyboard panels. Scroll down to see more details below.

Need more info?

Here’s more P.A.Q. (Potentially Asked Questions) to help you. Just click a question and the answer will magically appear!

If you have any other questions or concerns, email me at karen [at] seethescript [dot] com

  1. How do I know I'm ready for a mini critique?

    If you came here from the One-On-One Consultation page, you're probably ready. If anything written above 'speaks' to you, give a mini critique a shot.

  2. How does the mini critique work?

    After payment, I’ll get back to you by email with more detailed information about sending me your storyboard files. (Basically, some JPEGs in medium resolution will be fine.) One mini critique is LIMITED to 45 storyboard panels (as in 15, 3-panel pages).

    I will review your work, write notes and make sketches on top of your files in red. Then I'll send back the files in PDF format along with an email *or* MP3 recording explaining the notes, offering more advice and feedback. If you have any questions you'd like answered, ask them when you send me your files and I'll be glad to answer them as well.
  3. How fast will I get my feedback?

    Depending on my schedule, you will probably receive it anywhere from 3 days to a week after I receive your files.

  4. Can I show you more than one project?

    In theory, yes. But since the mini critique is limited to 45 panels, there may not be enough room to include more than one story. You can always choose the Mini Critique 3-Pack if you have more work you want to show me.

  5. Do you give feedback on more than finished storyboards?

    Yup! We can work from an animatic, thumbnail drawings, or even a written script (a very short one.) I’ll still mark up what I can with notes and explain things further in the email *or* MP3 recording.

    The earlier you get feedback on a story concept the better, so thumbnails and scripts are fine. But if you really want feedback on your storyboarding skills, then showing me your final panels would be a better option so I can properly assess them.
  6. What if I want to just talk about a concept or idea?

    A mini critique is a great way to test out your ideas with a professional. You can pitch me a few concepts and I'll give you my opinion on which one would make a better film and why. Better to get off on the right foot and not waste time on a weak idea.

  7. How do I sign up and pay?

    Click the button of your choice at the bottom of this page to send me your payment using the PayPal processor. I have a verified PayPal business account under the name of ‘See the Script Media’. You can still use a major credit card without a PayPal account and of course, if you do have a PayPal account. (Sorry, no cheques.) After payment, I'll personally get back to you by email.

  8. Will you fix my storyboards for me?

    Err, no. I'm here to help you help yourself make your storyboards better. (Unless you want to hire me at ten bucks a panel or something. Kidding!)

  9. What if the consultation stinks? Is there some kind of guarantee?

    It won't stink. I guarantee that I'll give it to you straight and you will get helpful feedback you can use. If you feel you didn't get that, tell me and I'll make it right. Sorry, but no refunds on these mini critiques. But don't'll be worth it! :-)

Single Mini Storyboard Critique

Includes: One critique resulting in a PDF file of your work marked up with my notes along with an email *or* MP3 recording including more detailed feedback.

Limit: 45 storyboard panels (15, 3-panel pages).

Price: $54 US

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