Alright! Let’s get busy improving those storytelling skills.

Are you a student (or anyone) with an important film project in the works?

Let's talk it through and make sure you don't end up with a film that makes the audience go "Huh? What was THAT?" Because you don't want that.

Maybe you've got some story-stuckness. Something isn't clicking and you want it to work. Or you're not sure if you're using the right shots or transitions to tell the story you want to tell.

If you can't get the constructive critique you crave, rent my brain and get it done right!

Are you working in the animation industry and just can't break into storyboarding?

Maybe you're stuck in 'revision hell' and can't escape. Or you're trying to build a storyboard portfolio but don't know if it's good enough. You don't know if you've got the goods...and no one has the time to give helpful feedback on your work.

Grrr! Frustrating, I know.

Why won't anyone tell you what you're doing wrong?

I will. Because I'm blunt that way. (But nice-blunt. I promise.)

Are you new to the field and just looking for some basic storyboarding instruction?

Then this might not be the best choice for you right now.

But the good news is I will be offering some online instruction in the future to meet this need.

So in the meantime, keep reading the blog (if you're new, check out the "New? Start Here" posts in the sidebar). And get your free template pack when you sign up for the Storyboard Club Mailing List to get all the latest scoop.

Are you intimidated about talking to a 'big, scary industry professional'?

Well, I'm not big. I'm just a lowly TV animation storyboard artist.

I'm not scary. A smart-ass maybe, but not scary.

Yes, I work in the industry. You got me there.

And just because I am a professional, doesn't mean I always act professional. I joke around and say naughty words and stuff.

But I know my sh*t. (See? Naughty word.)

I've been drawing storyboards professionally since 1997. I'm good at it. I've taught storyboarding to lots of students. I was good at that too. I write this blog. Read it and judge for yourself.

I can help you and you will have a good time. Cross my little black heart. ;-)

Ready to get started?

You can book a single session that lasts 75 minutes or if you think you'll need more time, you can buy a 'Follow-Up Package' with three separate sessions. Scroll down to see details down below.

Need more info?

Here’s more P.A.Q. (Potentially Asked Questions) to help you. Just click a question and the answer will magically appear!

If you have any other questions or concerns, email me at karen [at] seethescript [dot] com

  1. How do I know I'm ready for a one-on-one consultation?

    This is the best choice if you have one particular project you're working on and want feedback. Or if you have storyboard samples you want to tweak before putting them in your portfolio.

    If you're just looking for general feedback on your storyboarding technique, the mini-critique may suit you better. So check that out too.

  2. How does the consultation work?

    After payment, I’ll get back to you by email with more detailed information about sending me your storyboard files. (Basically, some JPEGs in medium resolution will be fine.) We’ll also arrange a good time for the consultation. (I’m on Pacific Standard Time.)

    For the call, we can use Skype (free) or regular telephone (you pay long distance charges). The audio will be recorded. Based on your needs and what I will be reviewing on the call, I'll send you further information and/or a link you'll need to view my computer screen during the call. We'll talk and look at your story while I sketch and scribble notes on top of your work.

  3. What does my consultation include?

    A single session includes a 75 minute call while watching me mark up your work through my desktop. Within a few days after our consult, you’ll get an MP3 audio recording of the call and a PDF copy of your files marked up with the notes I wrote during the call. This lets you concentrate on the call and not distract yourself by writing lots of notes. If you have any questions before our call, I'll be glad to answer them by email.

  4. How fast can I book a consultation?

    Depending on my schedule, you can probably have one in the same week or the week after you pay.

  5. Can someone else join in my consultation?

    Yes! If you are doing a small group project and want feedback on that one project, others can listen in and participate on the call at no extra charge. But I will only discuss the storyboards for one project on the call, not a whole bunch of them. If you split the cost, you’ll get a deal and everyone will learn something.

  6. Do you give feedback on more than finished storyboards?

    Yup! We can work from an animatic, thumbnail drawings, or even a written script. I’ll still mark up what I can with notes and you'll get the audio recording of our consultation.

    The earlier you get feedback on a story concept the better, so thumbnails and scripts are fine. But if you really want feedback on your storyboarding skills, then showing me your final panels would be a better option so I can properly assess them.

  7. What if I want to just talk about a concept or idea?

    That's totally cool. But if you just want my opinion on an idea or concept, you might want to use the mini-critique option. It’ll be more economical for you at this stage of the game. Save your money for a one-on-one consultation when you're more committed to your idea and have started to draw it out.

  8. Do I need to install special software on my computer?

    Nope. I will either send you a link so you can view my desktop from your regular browser or we can do it through Skype’s webcam feature. You won’t be viewing me, so you don’t need a webcam.

    You may want to sign up for a Skype account to avoid long distance phone charges and for ease of recording the session. It’s a good service to use. Plus, it's free! Just make sure you have a microphone and/or headset for your computer. (It's a good idea to get it all set up and working the day before we talk, so we won't waste your time testing sound levels.)

  9. How do I sign up and pay?

    Click the button of your choice at the bottom of this page to send me your payment using the PayPal processor. I have a verified PayPal business account under the name of ‘See the Script Media’. You can still use a major credit card without a PayPal account and of course, if you do have a PayPal account. (Sorry, no cheques.) After payment, I'll personally get back to you by email.

  10. What if there’s not enough time to look at all my work?

    It's possible there won't be enough time to get through every aspect of your storyboard during the call. You have the option to book an additional call or choose a Follow-Up Package. That way you can go off, make any revisions, and show them to me along the way to end up with a very solid storyboard. A very good learning experience and an awesome way to fine tune an important project. See the details below.

  11. What if we don’t use all the time?

    Odds are this will NOT happen. If you have a story that's 30 seconds long or more, we will have plenty to talk about. If by chance we do finish early, you can use the time to get some drawing tips, career advice or pick my brain in any way that you would like. Sorry, no refunds on unused time (that probably won't go unused anyway).

  12. What if there are technical issues during the call?

    Even with a slow internet connection, everything usually works out okay. If we find there are too many technical problems, then we can switch to a land line telephone. You can still get lots of feedback over the phone if we are both looking at your storyboards at the same time.

    I will still mark them up with notes and send you a file, whether we looked at them over the computer or not. Stuff happens sometimes. If things go horribly wrong, we'll reschedule at no additional charge. It’s all good.

  13. Will you fix my storyboards for me?

    Err, no. I'm here to help you help yourself make your storyboards better. ;-)

  14. What if the consultation stinks? Is there some kind of guarantee?

    Yesindeedydoo! If you truly feel you got crap-all out of our time together, I will refund your money. I want happy clients that feel I really helped them, not grumbly gusses that talk smack about me.

    I know my stuff and stand behind that. I will help you make better storyboards and tell stronger visual stories. How's that?

Single One-On-One Consultation Session

Includes: One call with me while viewing your work on my desktop, MP3 audio recording of call and PDF file of your work marked up with notes.

Duration: 75 minutes

Price: $98 US

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