I had the pleasure of working with these fabulous folks.

Some were looking for overall feedback on their storyboarding skills. Some were wanting story advice for final school projects and one was for a children's book concept.

Here's what they said about working together.

I have found it very difficult to find professional advice, coaching, training, teaching expertise in Storyboarding for Animation despite attending an Animation School for 3 years! There were precious few Storyboard teachers at my school who were actually working as a professional storyboard artist.

Since a storyboard artist has to be skilled in so many different areas (visual artist, cinematographer, editor, writer) it was hard to find a person who could point out what wasn't working in my boards in ALL of those areas and then give tips and solutions in ALL of those areas!

Karen provided me with invaluable feedback, we went through my boards frame by frame and it was so informative. Her expertise was obvious and much appreciated.

- Fred Chung | San Francisco, CA | http://fredfolio.blogspot.com

It was an amazing session! I learnt a ton of stuff. And the best part is that my story had totally evolved and changed into a much better concept at the end of the meeting. I couldn't have asked for more. I learned a lot of technical and aesthetic knowledge.

Most of the things were totally new and the ideas we discussed really taught me to think out of the box and explore more possibilities. All the things I learnt will surely help me work better in the future.

It was a fun learning session. It was totally comfortable talking to her.

- Ratul Sarna | New Delhi, IND | http://rdsarna.blogspot.com

I was wanting solid storyboarding advice and that's what I got! You're very easy to get along with despite the fact that you ripped on me for doing a long animation :P

I definitely thought (the feedback) was good, I've come away with more clarity on storyboarding, but I would need more consultations to really learn more. I liked that you explained certain aspects of storyboarding and then were able to back them up by drawing something on my storyboards, putting things in perspective.

Yep it's definitely worthwhile, especially considering storyboarding is something that is often overlooked in a lot of film/animation courses.

- Peter Shand | Melbourne, AUS | http://peteshand-ftv.blogspot.com | http://www.peteshand.com

I chose to take a consultation because, as a student, advice from a working professional is invaluable to my learning experience. The (webinar) was a good choice to use because it let Karen and I interact in real time and let her illustrate important points right on my boards without altering the original files.

As an added bonus, I didn’t have to worry about note-taking because I received the recorded video file of our session to review whenever I choose.

Karen was very easy going and could relate to me and my specific situation as a student in a comfortable manner. Her advice was practical and logical and overall will benefit my project greatly in the future.

I would highly advise any students that would like professional help and criticism for their projects to contact Karen about this service. You won’t be disappointed.

- R.J. Peña | Pearland, TX | Firefly (short film) | Pablo (short film)

I actually got MORE than I expected.

I didn't think I'd get all that feedback about the actual story writing and plot development. I got so much feedback and suggestions, I can go away now and work on my project for quite a while.

I think your skills as a storyboard artist translate very well into children's books. I think you have a great niche to fill with anyone writing a story with illustrations.

I think your sense of humor is awesome and I plan on coming back!

- 'Friar' | Central ON | http://deepfriar.wordpress.com

Ready to improve your stories? Choose your session and we can get the ball rolling! ~ K

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